January 10, 2020




Welcome everyone to DWA Gaming Minecraft.

After a year of planning, and months of countless hours building, writing and developing we bring you DG Minecraft - Nardo and the Fallen Kingdom. A Survival, Quest Server.


In previous posts I have mentioned how our quests will be released every so often, so now that we are open and you all are enjoying everything lets get into some detail about our quests.


We will be releasing a new "Chapter" every 2 to 4 months. right now we have a little more then half of our first chapter loaded and we are adding more content each and every day. (don't worry, theres much to do)

As a new Quest server we feel that this might be the best approach when adding in our quest as it help players stay active, as well as give us time to perfect things. just the half that's loaded into our server now is thousands of line of code that has taken us a ton of time to make sure you get an experience.


Quests will be a main source of money or as we are calling it "coin" on our server, as well as other things in and around spawn, so get to know spawn, our admin shops are not in just 1 location.

As we grow in the next few weeks we will be adding player shops as so the economy is quite small right now, but you will have that well known command /pay in the meantime, and other areas around spawn with more shops.


In the next few weeks as any new server should, we will be taking a little time to add everything else we haven't added yet, as we need players to join so we can work out bugs as most new server do, the real big ones like our new land claiming protection plugin has a ton of features you all are going to love, and 90%of it is done by GUI.

More information about land claiming can be found on our forums.


Like any other server Please report bugs and issues on our forums so we can take care of them quickly.


A lot said, and a little more to say.


Donations- Every server has them, and we need them. Donations help us grow, and keep going, everything you see and interact with had to of come from somewhere. We have a great staff team, some amazing developers, and a ton of custom content that takes time to create. This is our job, and our job is to make our players as happy and excited as can be when playing our servers, so anything helps.


Shop- Want to do a little more then just donate. Check out our EULA Friendly Shop. We use DonationCraft for our Minecraft server to ensure our players get the best experience. You will need an Enjin account to buy items, if you don't have one you can create one on our store page.


Theres so much more to say, but ill leave it to the forums now. keep an eye out on our forums over the next few days as we add more information.


So happy its finally here, Join today at MC.DWAGAMING.COM and start your quest to defeat the great evil Nardo.






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